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Friday, February 17, 2006

Chicken Runs

With a tear in our eyes we watched Bob drive off into the sunset heading for that great yellow bus in the distance. With the Frink-a-hedron wrapped up we decided to try make our way to Adam's Peak. This is one of Sri Lanka's most striking natural features not to mention one of its most celebrated places of pilgrimage - a miniature Matterhorn which stands head and shoulders above the surrounding hills.

Unfortunately, though, as our train pulled into Hatton, the local railway station, we were greeted by a throng of people all trying to make their way up to Dalhousie, the village at the base of the mountain. With things looking pretty grim and feeling a little unsure of what to do we bumped into a pair of British blokes who had just returned from the village and told us that it was a waste of time to attempt the mountain this weekend due to National Day falling on the Saturday. So we hopped back onto the train and decided to head for Nuwara Eliya instead.

On the way there we met Mattieu 'Dr. Richard Kimble' Latteux, a fugitive wanted by a collection of Parisien Turkish workers. He's been on the run since the day Vladimir and his cronies burst in his employer's office brandishing shotguns and demanding their money! So seeming to be a rather reputable type of character we hooked up with him for the next couple of days.

Pedro Tea Factory was our first stop in Nuwara Eliya. A funky little tea factory located in the hills around the village, decorated in a quaint 1950s British warehouse style. The only thing missing was a Bedford van parked in the yard. The great thing about Pedro though, is that for 50 Rupees (40 cent) you can take a complete tour of the factory and see how tea changes from a leaf to a teabag! They even throw in a tasty cup of factory made tea at the end of the tour!

It was a real treat as they switch on all the machinery as the tour brings you around the factory. Some of the units are over 60 years old and are still going strong. It's always great to see old machines churning away as you can usually see exactly how they work!

Back to our guest house and time for some food. Having been a little cautious up to now about eating meat and being very much a veggie I reckoned it was time to sample some local delights. So I ordered one Devilled Chicken meal. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble and Satan himself was boiling up a broth of evil in my stomach!

A fast retreat to our room, the first with a TV, and it was just me and Steven Seagal for a quietish night in. For Seagal it was 'Marked For Death', for me, I won't even tell you what was left marked ...


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