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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Apocolombo Now

'Goooood Morning Viiieettt-Naaaammmm!!' - Johnny Harris
'...' - Me
'Where are you going?' - Johnny Harris
'Oh, we're heading up river, to the north, looking for Colonel Kurtz' - Me

Yup, that's how I'd like to remember my wake up call this morning, of course I didn't think of the fourth line until several hours later after a strong cup of brew!

We'd bumped into the (infamous) Johnny Harris, a sailing beach hobo of sorts who basically used to be in the navy but now sails about looking for the good life.

After a wee natter with him we rambled along the train tracks to the next station which seems to be the way the locals stroll around all the time. Our next stop was 'Barefoot', a funky mishmash of Sri Lankan culture and a nice cafe to boot. Or so according to the Rough Guide. Unfortunately it turned out to feel like a made to order 'funky' tourist place that everyone will drop into because it's mentioned in the RG. In fact it's the only spot that we've met any other tourists so far and feels like it's made for tourists to feel comfy in (think Kaffe Moka).

A quick caffeine top up later and we were dangling from the train doors to book our trip to Kandy and do a wee bit of Geocaching around Colombo. The trouble is, as we soon realised, that Geocaching around the city means following the roads to wherever they take you (usually into a speeding Tuk Tuk!).

Several close Tuk *u*ks on and with the skies darkening we found the building, a fancy old colonial hotel complete with period dressed attendants. Well worth the few hours we spent rambling around the city and I can really recommend Geocaching as a funky way to explore a new place.

Then back for some chow and a look at the extreme Baywatch setup they have on the beach where the lifeguards have to jump over a spiky fence before making the rescue!


  • Hi you guys,
    Had a great read of your blog pages -- excellent stuff. If we ever get to Sri Lanka, we won't need a travel guide, your trip so far seems to be great, you seem to be really enjoying yourselves. Glad to see Myra got her elephant fix, as last time we saw her, she was in bad need of one!! Delighted to see all is going so well and you are surviving the local transport system. Look forward to next episode. Take care, talk to you soon.

    By Blogger fennellfamily, at 4:13 p.m.  

  • Maw haa haa (or a close approximation to an evil laugh).

    The new religion of geocaching will take over the world. Start small, build up a few core disciples, and send them out to preach the word of the GPS to the far flung corners of the globe. Age old receipe. Excellent, now to implement the next part of my strategy, world domination....

    By Blogger Atlas, at 11:16 a.m.  

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